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Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

·Model:Ultrasonic Flaw Detector KUT600
·Range of scanning:0~6000mm
·Provenance:Made in China
·Delivery Time:1-3 days
·Main unit Size:238x155x46mm
·Total weight:4kg
·Packing Size:500x390x140mm

Digital Ultrasonic flaw detector for small portable digital instrument, is a versatile, high performance, high stability and reliability, powerful general-purpose flaw detector. The instrument can be used to detect defects inside various materials, such as steel, copper, aluminum, cemented carbide, castings, plexiglass, composite materials, and welds, etc., and can effectively detect pores, cracks, looseness, inclusions, and Defects such as penetration. Widely used in the detection of various defects in the fields of steel metallurgy, steel structure, machinery manufacturing, boiler pressure vessels, railways, etc.


● Automated calibration of transducer Zero Offset and/or Velocity ;

● Automated gain, Peak Hold and Peak Memory;

● Automated display precise flaw location(Depth d、level p、distance s、amplitude、sz dB、ф);

● With storage function, it can store 300 A-scan patterns, parameters and DAC curves;

● There are 100 independent flaw detection channels, and each channel has a separate set of flaw detection parameters and DAC curves.

● Large-capacity safe and environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery, long standby time, continuous operation for more than 10 hours

● Freeze and thaw function with waveform and flaw detection parameters

● With sound path measurement, echo frequency analysis function;

● Lock/unlock function with system parameters;

● Dormancy and screen savers;

● Intelligent DAC curve: Arbitrary sequence calibration, automatically generated and can be segmented, can be corrected and compensated; material attenuation and surface compensation factors are considered; offset curve can be adjusted freely

● B-scan function, clearly showing the shape of the longitudinal section of the defect

● Automated calculate the size of the flaw with w ide bottom type in AVG function.

● DAC segmentation, 6dB DAC function;

● Video recording function of flaw detection process

● Has a delete function to delete the specified content (represented by the storage group number) from the storage area;

● Communicate with computer to realize computer data management, and export the inspection report of Excel format and A4 paper;

● Light and convenient, easy to operate.

Technical Specification

Measuring Range


Frequency Range


Sound Speed




Measurement Mode

Single, dual, thru


D-Delay    -20~+3400μs




0.1mm(2.5mm~100mm)  1mm(>100mm)


Li-battery (working time>10 hours)


LED true color









Standard Delivery

√ KUT600 Host                                       1 PC

√ Straight Probe 10mm 4MHz               1 PC

√ Angle Probe 8x9 60°4MHz                 1 PC

√ Probe Connecting Cable                     2 PC

√ 9V Power Adaptor & Cable                1 PC

√ PC Software                                        1 PC

√ Communication Cable                        1 PC

√ Calibration Certificate                         1 PC

√ User Manual                                        1 PC

√ Instrument Case                                  1 PC

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