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NDT660 Digital True Color Ultrasonic Flaw Detector (Intelligent)

NDT660 Digital True Color Ultrasonic Flaw Detector (Intelligent)

High-speed scanning, ultra-low noise, intelligent and precise, new shape, easy to carry, shockproof and anti-magnetic, one-button automatic calibration, 130dB high gain

product description

●NDT660 digital ultrasonic flaw detector can quickly and easily, without damage, accurately carry out various defects inside the workpiece, such as cracks, welds, pores, sand holes, inclusions, folding stool detection, positioning, evaluation and diagnosis;

● Widely used in electric power, petrochemical, boiler and pressure vessel, steel structure, military, aerospace, railway transportation, automobile, machinery and other fields.

The main function

●High-precision quantitative and positioning, meeting the requirements of near and far distance detection;

● The near-field blind zone is small, meeting the requirements for small-diameter and thin-wall pipe inspection;

●Automatic calibration: One-button automatic calibration, easy to operate, automatic test probe "zero point", "K value", "leading edge" and material "sound speed"; two-hole method automatic calibration, no standard test block assistance;

● Automatic display of defect echo position;

● Freely switch three scales (depth d, horizontal p, distance s, amplitude, equivalent dB,);

●Automatic gain, echo envelope, and peak memory function improve detection efficiency;

● Automatically record the flaw detection process and perform dynamic playback (infinite time).

Technical Parameters

●Scanning range (mm): 0 to 10000

● Frequency range (MHz): 0.4MHz~20MHz

●Vertical linearity error: ≤3%

● Horizontal linearity error: ≤0.1%

● Resolution: >40dB

● Dynamic range: ≥32dB

●Noise level: <8%

● Hard sampling frequency: 320MHz

●Repetitive transmission frequency: 100~1000HZ

● Sound speed range: 100~18000(m/s)

●Working mode: single crystal flaw detection, double well inspection, penetration flaw detection

● Digital suppression: (0-80)%, does not affect linearity and gain

●Working time: continuous work for more than 10 hours (lithium battery)

● Ambient temperature: (-20~70) °C (reference value)

●Relative humidity: (20~95)%RH

●Dimensions: 238*155*46(mm)

● Weight: 1.0KG

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