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2018 Hot Sell Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Mar 13, 2018


Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Features

●  Can be equipped with a variety of different frequency, chip size, double crystal probe use.

●  Have probe zero calibration, a two-point calibration function, can be automatically on system error correction.

●  Thickness can be known the sound velocity measurement, in order to improve the accuracy of measurement.

●  With functions of coupling status alerts.

●  LED backlight display, convenient to use in dark environment.

●  The battery indicator function, can real-time display the battery remaining power.

●  With automatic power saving function dormancy, automatic shutdown, etc.

●  Small, portable, high reliability, suitable for bad operating environment, vibration, impact resistance and electromagnetic interference.

Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Technical Specification

Measuring Range


Sound Velocity Range

1000~9999m/s (0.039~0.394in/μs)

Display Resolution

0.01mm(lower than 100.0mm)    0.1mm(more than 99.99mm)


±(0.5% thickness+0.04)mm, depends on materials   and conditions

Data Memory

5 files x 100 values, 5 value of sound velocity

PC Software



AA battery 2pcs

Working Time

250 hours if backlight off

Working Temperature






Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Standard Delivery

  KT310 Host                                              1 PC

  Standard Probe No5                               1 PC

  Built-in 4mm Calibration Piece               1 PC

  Couplant                                                  1 PC

  User Manual                                             1 PC

  Instrument Case                                       1 PC

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