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Does the portable hardness tester need calibration
Oct 11, 2018

Does the portable hardness tester need calibration

Let's talk about the small hardness of the portable hardness tester.

The hardness tester needs to be calibrated.

The calibration steps are as follows:

1. Check whether the pressure pin and the anvil of the hardness tester are damaged, clean, the indicator of the head is intact, and the scale is clear.

2. Adjust the full scale: Gently press down on the hardness tester handle, apply enough pressure, the pointer points to the full scale 20HW, jing is indeed ±0.5HW.

3. Take the standard hardness block between the anvil and the pressing pin. The surface of the hardness block is clean and flat. Press the handle, apply enough pressure, read the reading of the meter, and measure it three times in succession. The allowable error between the measured value and the standard value is ±0.5. HW.

4. The difference between the measured value and the standard value is within the tolerance range, and the calibration is qualified.

Metal hardness measurement Zui was previously proposed by Reoum for hardness: the ability of the material to resist the pressing of a hard object into its surface. It is one of the important performance indicators of metallic materials. Generally, the higher the hardness, the better the wear resistance.

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