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portable ultrasonic flowmeter Good technology, diverse functions
Jan 09, 2018

Domestic instrumentation industry as a whole is mainly dominated by Europe and the United States, Japan, China-made to resist the brand and the international well-known brands have a gap, but not necessarily there is no domestic brand development space. Domestic portable ultrasonic flowmeter manufacturers actually occupy the geographical advantages and advantages. Foreign portable ultrasonic flowmeter products, although the technology is good, versatile, but the price is very expensive, the real cost-effective products are small, which left room for domestic enterprises. How to spend the least money to buy the most suitable products, in fact, here is also an important issue that enterprises need to consider. Large foreign functions of the instrument, many of them features, Chinese companies are not needed, not necessary, there is no need so full, eliminating the need for some unused functions, but in exchange for portable ultrasonic flowmeter products cost-effective . At present, the domestic market for portable ultrasonic flow meters is almost controlled by foreign enterprises. When national enterprises compete with foreign enterprises, only by raising the level of technological research and development can they gain a foothold.

According to experts, the current domestic or foreign brands of similar equipment, product warranty 2 years is rare. The length of the warranty is responsible for the customer, to ensure the attitude and sense of responsibility of the after-sales service, because customer service is done seriously, in order to more clearly understand the needs of customers. To better improve their products. Improve the cost-effective domestic sewage flow meter industry breakthrough. Over the years, has been sticking to its own brand line, continuous innovation, with the import of portable ultrasonic flowmeter manufacturing enterprises at the same time, made gratifying achievements. Some domestic buyers would have many doubts about the domestic instrument brands, manufacturers are afraid of customer entanglement, the apparent lack of effective guarantee in the after-sales service of portable ultrasonic flowmeter products, exposed the lack of confidence in their products.

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