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Ultrasonic flowmeter handheld High performance, easy to operate
Jan 09, 2018

Ultrasonic flowmeter handheld operation, compact structure, using the latest electronic and digital signal processing technology, high performance, the operation is particularly simple. With automatic data storage, measurement accuracy, flexible operation, easy to carry and so on. Handheld ultrasonic flowmeter produced by Dalian Sony card The measured fluid can be water, seawater, acid or alkali, oil, slurry and the like liquid, conductive or non-conductive, corrosive or non-corrosive liquids can be measured. Handheld ultrasonic flowmeter with integrated aluminum protective box, can be used in harsh environments. Various types of sensors to meet the low temperature fluid to high temperature fluid (-40 ~ +200 ℃) and other requirements. Superior performance, preferential prices, you are welcome to consult the order. World-class quality, truly maintenance-free. Compact, light weight, volume and weight of only 1/7 and 1/5 of the traditional flow meter, fully portable and convenient operation. High accuracy: A new sonic velocity measurement system for measuring liquids with unknown sonic velocity up to ± 0.5% Anti-bubble capability: Anti-bubble properties greatly improved Rapid response, microprocessor-based adjustment of digital signal processing Fast response time of 1 second or less SD memory card can be used to save long-term measurement data with the heat consumption computing function Doppler flow rate display (option) Rely on battery-driven continuous operation 12 hours full handheld operation is simple, Through the page to select a powerful data logging capabilities (20 measurement points can store parameters, 40,000 readings) with the monitoring of the amount of waves and serial communication functions and control interface

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