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How to detect surface roughness
Jan 22, 2019

How to detect surface roughness

Let's talk about the surface roughness below.

1. When the part to be tested is flat, you can directly place the surface roughness meter on the part to be tested, and let the surface roughness meter probe touch the surface of the part to be tested. Press the surface roughness meter to measure the button. The roughness meter can't have any shaking or vibration. The hand can't touch the surface roughness meter and the part to be tested. After about 10 seconds, the measurement is completed. The surface roughness instrument display will show the number Just fine.

2. When the measured part is a different shape such as a curved surface or a groove or a small hole, it is necessary to select different sensor probes and measuring platforms according to the shape requirements of the part for measurement. Since each customer's measured parts have different shapes, the surface is rough. The detection method of the degree is also different, and the measurement plan needs to be given in detail according to the part.

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