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How to maintain ultrasonic flaw detector
Nov 30, 2018

How to maintain ultrasonic flaw detector

Here's a small series to talk about how to maintain the ultrasonic flaw detector

1. Make sure the instrument is turned off and disconnected from the power cord.

2. Disconnect all cable box connectors and ensure that all external ports of the ultrasonic flaw detector are covered with a rubber protective cover.

3. Please ensure that all openable doors are closed.

4. Cover the cover on the network connection interface.

5. Make sure the battery compartment cover is properly closed.

6. To restore the original gloss of the instrument case, wipe the case with a soft cloth.

7. For dirt that is difficult to remove, use a damp cloth to remove the soft soapy water for cleaning. Do not use rough-faced cleaning appliances or strong decontamination solvents to avoid damaging the surface of the cabinet.

8. After removing the interface protection cover, ensure that the interfaces are dry and connected to the cable. If the interface is not dry, dry it with a dry soft cloth or let it dry naturally.

9, the screen is clean. Never use a rough-faced cleaning appliance or a strong decontamination solvent to clean the screen of the ultrasonic flaw detector. Wipe the screen with a damp cloth and a standard glass cleaning solution that can be evaporated. If necessary, use a soft brush to remove any residual paper dust. Never spray liquid directly around the interface. Liquid may leak into the seam or flow into the interior from the casing, causing damage to the circuit.

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