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How to maintain ultrasonic thickness gauge
Nov 26, 2018

How to maintain ultrasonic thickness gauge

First, the ultrasonic thickness gauge measures the thickness according to the principle of ultrasonic pulse reflection. When the ultrasonic pulse emitted by the probe passes through the object to be measured, the pulse is reflected back to the probe to accurately measure the time the ultrasonic wave propagates through the material. Determine the thickness of the material being tested. Any material that enables ultrasonic waves to propagate inside at a constant speed can be measured using this principle.

Let's talk about the following small series, how to maintain the ultrasonic thickness gauge

1. When using the ultrasonic thickness gauge, be careful to avoid collision.

2. After each use of the instrument, wipe the instrument main unit and probe clean and put it in the instrument box for storage.

3. When the instrument is not used for a long time, the battery must be taken out.

4. If the instrument fails to be used, it needs to be returned to the original factory for repair.

5, the cleaning of the test block

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