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How to use a portable hardness tester
Nov 08, 2018

How to use a portable hardness tester

Let's take a look at the following small series, how to use a portable hardness tester

1 should pay attention to the use of the environment, to avoid iron filings, oxide scales, dust and other foreign matter into the machine, causing the circuit to short-circuit the machine, to avoid the application of strong electromagnetic interference, such as: PHS antenna, high-frequency furnace, etc., resulting in instrument work Abnormal, should work in the environment of 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C, relative humidity ≤ 90%, no strong direct light, no vibration, no strong magnetic field, no corrosive medium and severe dust.

2 To carefully analyze the characteristics of the test piece to be tested, the surface of the test piece should be smooth, the test piece should not be magnetic, the material of the test piece should correspond to the material preset by the instrument, the thickness of the test piece should meet the test requirements, and the test piece The outer dimensions match the support ring.

3 The test piece suitable for the test of the Leeb hardness tester must be tested. For the medium-sized test piece and the small test piece, support or bonding treatment must be carried out. For the special-shaped material, a comparative test is required, that is, the same hardness tester is used. Test comparisons on the test pieces are made to compare curves to ensure the accuracy of the test accuracy.

At the same time, in the process of testing, the test of overheated and cold-worked test pieces should be avoided as much as possible. The test piece should be placed smoothly and the operator should be stable. Do not plug or unplug the triangle connector near the end of the test rod to avoid loose contact. , only plug and unplug when changing the line, usually plug the plug near the end of the host.

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