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How to use the coating thickness gauge
Jan 07, 2019

How to use the coating thickness gauge

Let's take a look at the following small series, how to use the coating thickness gauge

a) Prepare the test piece to be tested;

b) insert the probe plug into the probe socket of the host;

c) Place the probe in the open space and press the “Power On” button to turn it on;

d) The instrument self-test shows the type of probe installed,

e) Check the battery voltage; if the battery voltage is too low, the instrument will automatically shut down.

Note 1: When the battery symbol is full, it indicates that the battery voltage is normal;

A space indicates that the battery voltage has dropped, and the battery should be replaced immediately;

Note 2: The battery should be removed when it is not used for a long time.

After the self-test, under normal circumstances, the measured value before the last shutdown is displayed;

f) Whether it is necessary to calibrate the instrument and, if necessary, select the appropriate calibration method (see Chapter 4);

g) Measurement: quickly touch the probe perpendicularly to the test surface and gently press the probe positioning sleeve. With one sound, the screen displays the measured value, and the probe can be lifted for the next measurement;

h) Shutdown: In the absence of any operation, the instrument will automatically shut down after about 4~5 minutes.

Press the "Shutdown" button to shut down immediately.

Note: If the probe is unstable during the measurement, an obvious suspicious value is displayed. Press the CLEAR button to delete the value.

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