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Maintenance method of Portable Hardness Tester
Sep 14, 2018

Maintenance method of Portable Hardness Tester

Here's a small series, the maintenance method of thePortable Hardness Tester

1 impact device

● After using 1000-2000 times, clean the catheter and impact body of the impact device with a nylon brush. When cleaning the catheter, first unscrew the support ring, then take the impact body out, and screw the nylon brush into the tube counterclockwise. After pulling out, repeating this 5 times, and then attaching the impact body and the support ring;

● After use, the impact body should be released;

● It is forbidden to use various lubricants in the impact device.

2 normal maintenance procedures

● When using the standard Rockwell hardness block for inspection, if the error is greater than 2HRC, the ball head wear may be invalid, and the ball or impact body should be considered for replacement.

●When other abnormal phenomena appear in the hardness tester, please do not disassemble or adjust any fixed assembly parts. After completing the warranty card, please submit it to our maintenance department to implement the warranty.

3 non-warranty devices

●Outer (upper cover, lower cover, print cover, battery cover, bracket), battery

● Impact ball head, support ring, probe line, key film

For the Portable Hardness Tester to be checked regularly, the verification period is generally not more than one year. The use unit can carry out daily inspections according to actual conditions.

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