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Portable Hardness Tester, Metal Hardness Testing
Jan 08, 2018

Portable hardness tester for all metal hardness testing, easy to carry, powerful. By calculating the ratio of impact velocity to rebound velocity, the material can be tested for the value of L (L), which is then converted to an indicator using a translation table stored in the display, generated from the original Leeds indicator Hardness standard. Portable hardness tester has the following characteristics:

1, Shore and Leeb hardness are dynamic load test method, but the study of Shore is the vertical height of the impact body rebound, it determines the Shore hardness to be used vertically downward, which is bound to cause great in actual use Of the limitations; and Lee's on a different, Lee's visit is the impact of body bounce and impact speed, through the speed correction, can be used in any direction, which greatly facilitates the user.

2, usually used cloth, Luo, Vickers hardness tester. Due to the bulky, inconvenient to use in the field, especially when testing large and heavy parts. As the durometer worktable can not accommodate, so simply can not test. The portable hardness tester without the workbench, the hardness of the sensor as small as a pen, can be directly manipulated by hand, whether it is large and heavy parts or geometrical complexity of the components can be easily tested.

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