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Method for reducing the error of a portable hardness tester for measuring small workpieces
Nov 06, 2018

Method for reducing the error of a portable hardness tester for measuring small workpieces

The following are some ways to reduce the error of a portable hardness tester when measuring small workpieces. If the error is found when using a portable hardness tester to measure small workpieces, then we should solve it in time. The following methods can minimize the error in the measurement of the Leeb hardness tester.

1 For hollow materials such as pipes, it is difficult but effective to not hit the cross surface, impact the end face, or add support in the pipe wall. The curved surface support ring is required to measure the diameter of the surface from 20mm to 100mm.

2 For the thickness of the thin plate should be more than 5mm, the butter should be evenly coated on the back of the measurement during measurement. The air is forced out by the dense coupling with the platform and cannot be moved. Do not apply too much butter.

3 to ensure the smoothness of metal materials, should be less than 7um in RA, the better the roughness, the higher the accuracy guarantee.

4 The solid core cylinder is not more than 100mm, and the V-shaped table should be added to ensure that the workpiece does not shift.

5 When measuring the Brinell hardness, efforts should be made to improve the surface roughness, weight and coupling of the workpiece. If the surface roughness is poor, it is difficult to handle, and in the case of a large workpiece, the G-type impact device is selected.

The above solution to reduce the error of the small workpiece measured by the Leeb hardness tester is for user's reference only. Detailed consultation: 010-82675282 (Beijing Kaida) Click for more products

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