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Portable Hardness Tester Maintenance
Mar 15, 2018

1. Impact device

Portable Hardness Tester After using the impact device for 1000-2000 times, use the nylon brush provided to clean the guide tube and the impact body of the impact device. To clean the guide tube, unscrew the support ring and then take out the impact body, spiral the nylon brush in the counter-clock direction into the guide tube. When the brush reaches the bottom, draw it out. Repeat this action for 5 times and mount the impact body and the support ring. 

Portable Hardness Tester Remember to release the impact body after use. 

Any lubricating agent is absolutely banned to use inside the impact device. 

2.Portable Hardness Tester Standard maintenance procedures

Portable Hardness Tester If the error is  2HRC when using standard Rockwell hardness block to test, maybe the test tip is disabled. Changing the test tip or impact body should be considered. 

Portable Hardness Tester If other abnormal phenomena occur, user should not disassemble or adjust any part which used for fixing. You can return the hardness tester to the service department of our company. 

Portable Hardness Tester Notice of Transportation and Storage. 

The tester should be stored in room temperature, away from vibration, strong magnetic field, corrosive medium, dampness and dust.

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