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Portable roughness meter price
Nov 01, 2018

Portable roughness meter price

There are many small partners who don't know what the roughness meter is for. First, let's talk about the portable roughness meter for the detection of various metal and non-metal processing surfaces. The instrument is a pocket of sensor host integration. The instrument has a hand-held feature and is more suitable for use at the production site.

Second, let's talk about the price of portable roughness meter.

There are many types of roughness meters, each with a different model. Different types of portable roughness meter measurement parameters and measurement of the workpiece are different, so the price of different portable roughness meters is also different. Xiaobian takes Beijing Kaida's products to illustrate:

Roughness meter type: pocket roughness meter, pocket surface roughness meter, surface roughness meter, portable roughness meter, hand-held roughness meter

The reference price of the above products is: 4500-9800 yuan

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