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Product Features of Portable Hardness Tester
Oct 22, 2018

Product Features of Portable Hardness Tester

Let's talk about the following small series, the characteristics of the portable hardness tester

△With the on-off value software calibration function to ensure that the data is applicable under different specifications and standards of any industry;

△ Fully sealed metal casing, sturdy and durable, with excellent resistance to vibration, shock and electromagnetic interference;

△ menu-style operation, information is rich and intuitive, one-click to achieve any switching of material and hardness, easy and convenient;

△ has an automatic alarm function. Pre-set tolerance limits, automatic alarm range, especially suitable for batch testing;

△ Freely convert all hardness systems (HL, HB, HRB, HRC, HRA, HV, HS) without calculation;

△ can be equipped with 7 different impact devices, automatic identification, no need to recalibrate when replacing, excellent compatibility;

△ Large-screen LCD display with high-brightness LED backlight for easy use in dimly lit environments;

△ With automatic sleep, automatic shutdown, remaining power prompt function, low power design;

△Support "Steel" material. When testing "Forged Steel" sample with D/DC type impact device, HB value can be directly read without manual check;

△With USB communication interface, it can exchange data and print and parameter settings with computer conveniently and quickly;

△Using ordinary battery No. 5, it can work continuously for not less than 200 hours.

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