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Ultrasonic thickness gauge working principle
Jan 08, 2018

The ultrasonic thickness gauge is mainly composed of a host and a probe. The host circuit includes a transmitting circuit, a receiving circuit and a counting display circuit. The high-pressure shock wave excitation probe generated by the transmitting circuit generates an ultrasonic transmitting pulse wave which is reflected by a dielectric interface After being received by the receiving circuit, the value of the thickness is displayed on the liquid crystal display after counting by the single chip microcomputer. The thickness of the sample is obtained by multiplying the propagation speed of the sound wave in the sample by half the time passing the sample.

Ultrasonic thickness gauge is based on the principle of ultrasonic pulse reflection thickness measurement, when the probe transmits the ultrasonic pulse through the measured object to reach the material interface, the pulse is reflected back to the probe, by accurately measuring the ultrasonic propagation time in the material to determine Thickness of the material under test. Anything that can make the ultrasonic wave propagate inside it at a constant speed can be measured by this principle.

Because ultrasonic thickness gauge is easy to handle and has good directivity, ultrasonic technology measures the thickness of metal and nonmetal materials, which is faster, more accurate and pollution-free, especially when only one side is allowed to touch Its superiority is widely used in the inspection of all kinds of plates, pipe wall thickness, wall thickness of boiler vessel and its partial corrosion and corrosion. Therefore, the product inspection of various industrial sectors such as metallurgy, shipbuilding, machinery, chemical industry, electric power, atomic energy, Safe operation of equipment and modern management play a major role.

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