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Ultrasonic flowmeter Small size, light weight, easy to carry
Jan 09, 2018

Ultrasonic flowmeter using clamp sensor to measure the liquid flow. Installation process is extremely simple, full Chinese man-machine interface, easier to operate. Particularly suitable for flow balance test and flow monitoring: drinking water, river water, sea water, cooling water, hot water, industrial sewage, lubricating oil, diesel oil, fuel chemical liquid. Portable ultrasonic flowmeter Features 1, non-contact measurement, small size, light weight, easy to carry. 2, the sensor is easy to install, used to measure various sizes of pipe guide sound media. 3, the measurement process without damage to the pipeline, without stopping production, the sensor is not in contact with the measured medium, no pressure loss. 4, suitable for measuring metal pipes, plastic pipes and other sound-permeable materials pipeline. 5, built-in rechargeable battery, continuous working time of 12 hours or more. 6, intelligent on-site printing capabilities to ensure the integrity of traffic data. Portable ultrasonic flowmeter Performance characteristics Measurement of liquid: water, sea water, alkali and other single fluid, turbidity of less than 10000ppm, particle size less than 1mm; pipe material: steel, cast iron, PVC pipe, such as ultrasonic full penetration, dense texture, no Severe corrosion scaling, allowing the thin layer of dense lining Lining material: rubber, epoxy asphalt, fiberglass, mortar, or unlined diameter range: DN15mm ~ 6000mm straight pipe length: upstream> 10D, downstream> Diameter) Display: Two lines of 20 characters LCD display Ambient temperature / humidity: Host -20 ℃ ~ +50 ℃; Sensor -20 ℃ ~ +120 ℃, the sensor can be submerged water depth of less than 2m Portable ultrasonic flowmeter Brief Description Portable Ultrasonic flowmeter using low-voltage, multi-pulse time difference principle, the use of high-precision and ultra-stable dual-balanced signal differential launch, differential receive digital detection technology, when the ultrasonic beam propagation in the liquid, the liquid flow will make the propagation time of tiny Change, the propagation time of the change is proportional to the liquid flow rate. At zero flow, both sensors need exactly the same amount of time to transmit and receive sound waves (the only technique that actually measures zero flow). When the fluid is flowing, the acoustic transmission time in the counter-current direction is greater than the acoustic transmission time in the downstream direction.

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