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Standard for Hardness Tester
Sep 13, 2018

Standard for Hardness Tester

Let's talk about the standard of the Hardness Tester

I. "Technical Conditions of Leeb Hardness Tester"

This standard is an industry standard. The technical conditions, test (inspection) methods, inspection rules, complete sets and signs, packaging, random documents, etc. of the Hardness Tester are specified.

standard regulation:

1. The hardness tester should work normally under the following conditions:

The ambient temperature is 0-40 ° C, and the relative humidity is not more than 90%;

The surrounding environment is free of vibration and no strong magnetic field, non-corrosive medium.

2. The hardness of the tungsten carbide ball on the punch should not be lower than 1500 HV.

3. Error:

The relative error of the indication does not exceed ±0.8%;

The relative error of indication repeatability should be no more than 1%.

4. The set of hardness testers shall include:

Impact device

Display device

Φ90×55 is equivalent to a hardness block of 800±50 HL.

Second, "Lee Hardness Tester" JJG747-1999

This standard is a national metrological verification procedure. The test principle of the Hardness Tester, the technical parameters of the impact device, the technical conditions of the Hardness Tester, the test conditions and the hardness conversion control value are summarized in the procedure. The main features of the procedure are:

1. The main technical parameters of various types of impact devices are given.

2. The technical requirements for the standard Leeb hardness block are specified.

3. The conversion values of Vickers hardness and Leeb hardness on the standard test block are given.

4. The conversion values of Brinell hardness and Leeb hardness on the standard test block are given.

Third, "Metallic hardness test method" GB/T17394-1998

This standard is the new standard of the national zui. The standard specifies the test principle, symbols, samples, test instruments, tests, test results and test reports of the metal Leeb hardness test. The main features of the standard are:

1. The main technical indexes of the sample are specified, including: surface roughness, weight, small thickness of zui, depth of small surface hardened layer of zui, and small radius of curvature of zui.

2. The test method for the hardness test of the sample is described.

3. The conversion table for the hardness and other hardness of various materials is given. The materials include: carbon steel, cast steel, cast iron, low alloy steel, cast aluminum, copper-zinc alloy, copper-tin alloy, pure copper.

The above is the standard of the Hardness Tester, detailed consultation: 010-82675282 (Beijing Kaida)

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