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Surface roughness measurement method
Mar 16, 2018

1. The comparison method

Used in shop floor measurement, often used in medium or coarser surface measurements. The method is to determine the surface roughness value by comparing the measured surface with the roughness sample with a certain number of values.

2. Touch the stitch

Surface roughness using tip curvature radius of about 2 micron diamond stylus slide along the surface to be tested is slow, diamond stylus and displacement by the electrical length sensor is converted to electrical signals, amplifying, filtering, calculated by the display instrument indicates that the surface roughness value, also can use recorder to record measured section contour curve. The measuring tool that can only show the surface roughness value is called the surface roughness measuring instrument, and the surface roughness profile is also recorded. These two kinds of measuring tools have electronic computing circuits or electronic computer, it can automatically calculate the outline of the arithmetic average deviation of Ra, microscopic asperity height Rz, ten outline maximum height Ry and various evaluation parameters, measurement of high efficiency, suitable for measuring the surface roughness of the Ra was 0.025 ~ 6.3 microns.

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