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Surface roughness meter measurement method
Jan 24, 2019

Surface roughness meter measurement method

The following small series to talk about the surface roughness meter measurement method

1. Interference method

Interferometry is the use of the principle of light wave interference to measure surface roughness.

2, needle drawing method

The needle drawing method uses a stylus to directly traverse the surface to be measured to measure the Ra value of the surface roughness.

3. Comparison method

The comparison method is a common method in the workshop. The surface to be tested is compared with the roughness sample, and judged by the naked eye or by means of a magnifying glass and a comparative microscope; the roughness of the surface to be processed can also be judged by the feeling of hand touch and nail swipe. This method is generally used for approximate evaluation of large roughness parameters.

4, light cutting method

The light cutting method uses the "light cutting principle" to measure the surface roughness.

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