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Application of magnetic detection
Jan 09, 2018

Application refers to the standard magnetic detection equipment used for magnetic particle flaw detector prices of various equipment and technical requirements, timing of testing, testing methods and implementation of different strengths and their respective scope, test procedures and essentials, to identify the magnetic marks And classification of a brief description and provisions, it can be used as a basis for the preparation of any part of the magnetic particle inspection procedures. The most basic requirement for an effective magnetic particle inspection method is this. The magnetic field used for the magnetization method used shall be perpendicular to the expected direction of the defect and shall have sufficient field strength. When the selected standard test piece (block) is used for calibration, the test piece shall be required to detect Of the artificial defects at the formation of leakage magnetic field should be able to fully adsorbed magnetic powder applied to form a clear visible marks.

1 effective testing range

In the actual testing conditions, the test piece can be up to eddy current detector to the necessary state of magnetization and the required range of testing sensitivity.

1.2 cross yoke

Cross yoke is a yoke-shaped electromagnet at a certain angle of space or plane cross, and with two different phases of alternating current excitation to produce a rotating magnetic field testing device.

1, according to the different magnetization direction of the workpiece, can be divided into circumferential magnetization method, longitudinal magnetization method, composite magnetization method and rotating magnetization method.

2, according to the use of different magnetizing current can be divided into: DC magnetization method, half-wave DC magnetization method, and AC magnetization method.

3, according to the preparation of different magnetic particles used in testing, can be divided into dry powder method and wet powder method.

Defects of magnetic particle inspection

Magnetic particle testing equipment is simple, easy to operate, test quickly, with high detection sensitivity, can be used to find the ferromagnetic material nickel, cobalt and its alloys, carbon steel and some alloy steel surface or near surface defects; it is suitable Inspection of thin-walled parts or weld surface cracks can also reveal impervious defects of a certain depth and size; however, it is difficult to find any defects such as porosity, ballast and hidden in the depths of the weld.

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