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Thickness gauge use precautions
Nov 23, 2018

Thickness gauge use precautions

The testing methods of the thickness gauge are mainly: magnetic thickness measurement method, radiation thickness measurement method, electrolytic thickness measurement method, eddy current thickness measurement method, and ultrasonic thickness measurement method.

Measurement considerations:

1. When carrying out the test, it should be noted that the metal magnetic and surface roughness of the standard piece collective should be similar to the test piece.

2. When measuring, the side head is perpendicular to the surface of the sample.

3. Pay attention to the critical thickness of the base metal when measuring. If it is larger than this thickness measurement, it will not be affected by the thickness of the base metal.

4. Pay attention to the influence of the curvature of the test piece on the measurement. Therefore, it is not reliable when measuring on the surface of a curved test piece.

5. Before the measurement, please pay attention to whether other electrical equipment around will generate magnetic field, if it will interfere with the magnetic thickness measurement method.

6. When measuring, be careful not to measure at the inner corner and near the edge of the test piece, because the sudden change of the surface shape of the general thickness gauge specimen is very sensitive.

7. Keep the pressure constant during the measurement, otherwise it will affect the measured reading.

8. When testing, pay attention to the direct contact between the instrument probe and the tested component, so the ultrasonic thickness gauge removes the attached material from the opposite side.

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