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ultrasonic thickness gauge gel
Aug 29, 2018


All ultrasonic applications require some medium to couple the transducer and the test piece. it is called the couplants also called gel coupling gent.

The ultrasonic thickness gauge ge for measurements at normal temperatures may include water, various oils and greases, gels, and silicone fluids. Measurements at elevated temperatures will require specially formulated high temperature couplants.

Inherent in ultrasonic thickness measurement is the possibility that the instrument will use the second rather than the first echo from the back surface of the material being measured while in standard pulse-echo mode. This may result in a thickness reading that is TWICE what it should be. The Responsibility for proper use of the instrument and recognition of these types of phenomenon rests solely with the user of the instrument.

How to use ultrasonic thickness gauge gel

1. The purpose of the ultrasonic gel is to exclude the air between the probe and the measured object, and conduct the ultrasonic signal through the coupling agent/gel.

2. Use as little as grain size of gel, attach it to the ultrasonic probe.

3. The special ultrasonic coupling agent has the characteristics of rust prevention, corrosion inhibition and oxidation resistance. 

4.  after using,  please use dry cleaning cloths to clean it on the ultrasonic probe and material

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