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Ultrasonic thickness gauge measurement method
Sep 27, 2018

Ultrasonic thickness gauge measurement method

The following small series talk about the measurement method of ultrasonic thickness gauge

(1) Perform the thickness measurement twice with the probe at one point. In the two measurements, the split faces of the probes should be 90° each other, and the smaller value is the thickness of the workpiece to be tested.

(2) 30mm multi-point measurement method: When the measured value is unstable, a plurality of measurements are made in a circle having a diameter of about 30 mm centering on one measurement point, and the small value of zui is taken as the thickness value of the workpiece to be tested.

2, jing does measure: increase the number of measurements around the specified measurement points, thickness changes are indicated by thick lines.

3. Continuous measurement method: continuous measurement along the specified route by single point measurement method, the interval is not more than 5mm.

4, grid measurement method: draw a grid in the specified area, according to the point thickness record. This method is widely used in corrosion monitoring of high pressure equipment and stainless steel lining.

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