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Wall-Mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Feb 26, 2018

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: TDS-100F

  • Size: Dn15-6000

  • Type: Ultrasonic Flow Meter

  • Measuring Principle: Acoustics

  • Display: 2*20 Backlit LCD(Chinese&English Optional)

  • Protection Level: Mainframe:IP65, IP68(F4 Mainframe), Transducer:IP:68

  • Power: AC 85-264V or Isolation DC 24V

  • Trademark: Hurricane, OEM/ODM

  • Accuracy: >±1%

  • Sensor: Clamp-on/External

  • Measuring Media: Liquid

  • Transducer: Clamp-on Type, Insertion Type, in-Line Type.

  • Operating: 4*4 Tactile Keypad or Magnetic 4 Keypads Operating

  • Ex-Proof: Exd Two Bt4(TDS-100f2 Type)

  • Current: 50mA

  • Origin: Shenzhen, Guangdong


Ultrasonic Flowmeter
1. Separate Fixed
2. On line liquid flow measurement
3. Max. Flow rate: 64m/s

Separate Fixed Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Model: TDS-100F series

* Measurement accuracy: Better than 1%
* Power: AC 85— 264V or isolation DC 24V
* Max. Flow rate: 64m/s
* Operating: 4 keypad tactile keyboard operating
* Defend class: IP68
* on line liquid flow measurement


TDS-100Fseries of separate fixed ultrasonic flowmeter is widely used on line flow measurement of a variety of liquids in
Industrial field.
The mainframe is divided into the wall standard, explosion-proof wall type, pannel type and local display (F4 type).


Clamp-on transducer

A pair of clamp-on transducer to measure the flow from outside of a pipe, there is no pressure drop, no moving parts, no leaks and no contamination. The installation is very simple and no special skills or tools are required.

Insertion transducer
A pair of insertion-type transducers are inserted into the pipe wall to interrogate the flow in the pipe. Since the transducers do not extrude into the flow, they do not generate any disturbance or cause any pressure drop. There is no moving parts to wear out.
If the pipe material is carbon steel or stainless steel can be installed directly welding, but if the pipe material is cast iron, FRP, PVC or cement please contact with the manufacturer to order the dedicated pipe hoop. To prevent leak water please give the exact outside diameter or perimeter to the manufacturer.

In line type transducer
Transducer is a flow-cell (or spool-piece), where a pair of ultrasonic sensors have already been built in. The flow cell transducer is accurately calibrated in the factory. When it is put in line with the testing pipe, the accuracy normally does not change. With high accuracy, good stability, easy to use, etc.

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