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Analysis Of Measurement Error Factors Of Portable Hardness Tester
Oct 26, 2018

Analysis of measurement error factors of portable hardness tester

Let's talk about the measurement error factors of portable hardness tester.

1. Error in gear detection

Under normal circumstances, because the tooth surface is small, the test error is relatively large. For this, the user can design the corresponding tooling according to the situation, which will help reduce the error.

2. Influence of material elasticity and plasticity

In addition to the hardness and strength, the Richter value is more related to the elastic modulus. The hardness value is a characteristic parameter of the hardness and plasticity of the material, because the composition of the two must be jointly determined.

In the elastic part, firstly, it is obviously affected by the E modulus. In this respect, when the static hardness of the material is the same, and the E value is different, the material with a low E value has a larger L value.

3. Error caused by hot rolling direction

When the workpiece to be tested is formed by the hot rolling process, if the test direction is consistent with the rolling direction, the test value is low due to the large elastic modulus E, so the test direction should be perpendicular to the hot rolling direction.