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Coating Thickness Gauge Use Precautions
Sep 12, 2018

Coating thickness gauge use precautions

Let's take a look at the following small series, the precautions for the use of coating thickness gauge

1. Do not use inferior batteries to avoid leakage, which may cause corrosion of the main board. It is recommended to use Nanfu alkaline batteries. In case of using a poor quality battery to find the leak, this time should be repaired immediately. If it is late, the host of the coating thickness gauge will be scrapped. Do not use the thickness gauge for a long time, take out the battery;

2. When inserting and removing the probe from the coating thickness gauge, first turn off the power supply of the thickness gauge and then plug it. Otherwise it will easily cause the integrated block inside the probe to burn off;

3. When the thickness gauge is measured, the probe should be placed smoothly, the force should not be too large, and the speed should not be very fast. When testing, the probe should not be drawn on the surface to be tested, which will be very easy to cause. The coating thickness gauge probe is damaged;

4. It is very important that the coating cannot be measured when it is not dry. Many customers often measure when the coating is not dry, causing the probe to be painted and then washed with banana water or xylene. Remove the paint and use it. If this is the case, the serious situation of Zui is that the thickness gauge probe is directly scrapped. Even if it is not scrapped, the sensitivity of the probe will be greatly reduced, and the service life of the probe will also be reduced.

5. When choosing a coating thickness gauge, try to choose a split type instrument. Since the probe is a consumable part, it has a certain service life and is also a consumable. The probe of the all-in-one can't be repaired, and the price of the replacement probe is very high, close to the price of a new machine. The splitter only needs to change the probe.

The above is the precautions for the use of coating thickness gauge, detailed consultation: 010-82675282 (Beijing Kaida)