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Fault Factors And Solutions For Coating Thickness Gauge
Sep 11, 2018

Fault factors and solutions for coating thickness gauge

The following small series talk about the fault factors and solutions of the coating thickness gauge

1, the instrument is not accurate

1 Please first calibrate the instrument and calibrate it to fit the error range. The error is ≦3% (thickness value). If the test needs to be more precise, please stop the system calibration on the bare base of the tested workpiece (on the uncoated substrate).

2 Please check whether the front end of the probe can be worn, whether it can be deformed, whether there is any attached material, etc., whether the outer sheath of the probe can not be used, etc., the deformation can be properly sanded and corrected, and the disposal is clean.

3 The influence of the surface roughness of the substrate of the tested object causes system errors and occasional errors. When measuring, the number of measurements is increased at different positions, and occasional errors are restrained. Or polish the substrate with sandpaper to recalibrate the instrument zero.

4 measurement method and probe placement, the test time should be consistent with the probe and the sample vertical

5 The measured piece curvature is recalibrated at the radius of curvature of the probe. Special pipe convexity, pay attention to the stable placement of the probe V-shaped card slot.

2, the instrument does not boot

1 Please check to see if the battery has power or replace it with a new one.

2 Please check if the battery is in good contact, and the electrode sheet is not oxidized or rusted (such as rust can scrape off the oxide layer with a tool),

3 Please check if the button can be pressed in place, and the button is normal and flexible.

4 other host line problems, consulting company after-sales service or return to factory maintenance,

3, measuring no data changes

1 probe can connect well probe can damage, etc.

2 related host line problems,

4, the instrument can not measure

1 Check if the probe is well connected and plugged in,

2 Check whether the probe line has a broken center, and focus on the probe connector (the joint can be turned on and off)

3 probes are frequently used in large quantities, sensors are aged or damaged, burns, etc.

The above are the fault factors and solutions for the coating thickness gauge. Detailed consultation: 010-82675282 (Beijing Kaida)