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Handling Precautions For Portable Hardness Testers
Feb 12, 2019

Handling precautions for portable hardness testers

Let's talk about the following small series, the precautions for the use of portable hardness

1. Pay attention to the nominal value of the power supply voltage, the ground wire of the hardness tester and the polarity of the power supply, and pay attention to the grounding. Because when the hardness tester is connected to a signal source (such as a computer) with a different power source, there may be a higher potential difference between the two neutral lines. When the user plugs in or unplugs the signal cable or other plugs, the ignition will occur between the plug and the socket, and the signal input circuit may be damaged, which may cause damage to the hardness tester.

2. The portable hardness tester should not be switched frequently during use, as it may damage the equipment components inside the hardness tester and reduce the service life of the light bulb.

Portable hardness tester

3. The refresh frequency of the input source cannot be too high. Although the higher the refresh rate of the input source, the better the image quality, but in using the hardness timer, we must also consider the refresh rate of the computer monitor it is connected to.

4. If the two are inconsistent, the signal will be out of sync and cannot be displayed. This is why it is often seen on a computer that can play normally but cannot be screened by a hardness tester.

5, do not arbitrarily start the inspection, but should seek help from professional technicians. This requires us to understand the after-sales service of the portable hardness tester in the purchase of hardness timer.

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