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How To Measure With An Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Oct 08, 2018

How to measure with an ultrasonic thickness gauge

Let's take a look at how to use the ultrasonic thickness gauge for measurement.

Measurement method of ultrasonic thickness gauge: The four measurement methods of ultrasonic thickness gauge are general measurement method, accurate measurement method, continuous measurement method and grid measurement method.

1, the general measurement method:

(1) Perform the thickness measurement twice with the probe at one point. In the two measurements, the split faces of the probes should be 90° each other, and the smaller value is the thickness of the workpiece to be tested.

(2) 30mm multi-point measurement method: When the measured value is unstable, a plurality of measurements are made in a circle having a diameter of about 30 mm centering on one measurement point, and the minimum value is the thickness value of the workpiece to be tested.

2. Accurate measurement method: increase the number of measurements around the specified measurement points, and the thickness change is indicated by the thick line.

3. Continuous measurement method: continuous measurement along the specified route by single point measurement method, the interval is not more than 5mm.

4, grid measurement method: draw a grid in the specified area, according to the point thickness record. This method is widely used in corrosion monitoring of high pressure equipment and stainless steel lining.