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Maintenance For Surface Roughness Tester
May 10, 2018

Maintenance for Surface Roughness Tester

Roughness testers are precision instruments that are widely used to measure roughness of metal-finished and non-metal-finished surfaces, such as automotive bearings, axles, shafts, guideways, steering gears, couplings, crankshafts, camshafts. , cylinder liners, pistons, internal combustion engines, brake discs, hubs, gears, cylinders, hydraulic tools, die casting, rolls, knives, machine tool accessories, and other industrial parts surface roughness testing. so, the daily maintenance of the roughness meter has become a key factor in the service life of the roughness meter.

1, roughness instrument probe routine maintenance. Roughness probes are the most important components. During use, during transportation, we must pay attention to falling, shaking and bumping. During use, install, insert or remove the roughness meter probe to be extra careful, stable, do not drop (fall may be broken), plug roughness instrument probe should be pushed or pulled along the direction of the sensor, Do not apply force diagonally, as it is easily damaged.

* When mounting, hold the main part of the probe with your hand, and insert the probe into the sensor connector sleeve on the bottom of the instrument as shown in the figure, and then push it gently. When disassembling, hold the sensor body part of the sensor or the root of the protection tube by hand and slowly pull it out. During the loading and unloading of the sensor, special care should be taken not to touch the stylus to avoid damage and affect the measurement.

* When using the probe, install the probe protection cover. Take it lightly;

* When the probe is not in use, remove the probe and store it in the probe box.

2 daily maintenance for roughness instrument host

* Take care to keep the surface of the host clean, and often use a soft dry cloth to remove the dust on the surface to prevent dust, debris, liquids, oils from immersing in the roughness instrument host. Failure to do so may cause internal corrosion of the main unit or abnormal operation of the roughness meter components.

* This instrument is a precision measuring instrument and should always be kept lightly and gently to prevent it from vibrating.

3 daily maintenance roughness meter battery

       * Observe the battery prompt symbol frequently. When low voltage occurs, please charge in time;

* Charging time is about three hours, try not to charge for a long time;

4 daily maintenance Roughness meter calibration template

       * The template surface should be kept clean.

* Avoid scratching the surface of the template work area.

Therefore, only to take care of the daily maintenance for roughness instrument, it will ensure the accuracy of the measurement and the lifetime of the roughness instrument