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Maintenance For Digital Surface Roughness Tester
Aug 24, 2018

Maintenance for Digital Surface Roughness Tester

1.The maintenance for Digital Surface Roughness Tester Sensor:  Roughness sensor are the most important components.  we must avoid falling, shaking and bumping, during operation or transportation, and we should use, install, insert or remove the roughness meter probe much careful, connect the sensor to the plug in the right way, and push it to the end. Avoid push it diagonally, as it may cause damage.

When install it, hold the main part of the probe, insert the probe into the socket in protective jacket and then push it to the end. When disassembled, hold the main part of body, slowly pull it out, the digital surface roughness tester sensor is sensitive part, should be protected carefully.


* When using the probe, please using it within the protection jacket. Take it carefully;

* When the probe is not in use, remove the probe and put it back in the probe box.

* Avoid falling, shaking and bumping, heavy dust, humidity, grease stain and strong magnetic

2.Maintenance for Digital Surface Roughness Tester

* Keep it in clean, and often use soft dry cloth to remove the dust on its surface, prevent immersion of the dust, debris, liquid, oil in the roughness meter host.* This instrument is a precision measuring instrument and should always be kept lightly and gently to prevent it from vibrating.

* the Digital Surface Roughness Tester is precise instrument, should always take care of it.

3 daily maintenance for Digital Surface Roughness Tester       

* pay attention to the battery prompt symbol . When voltage is low , please charge in time;

* Charging time is about three hours, better not charge it for a long time

4 daily maintenance Digital Surface Roughness Tester calibration template 

* The surface of template should be kept clean.

* Avoid scratching the surface

Therefore, only when the daily maintenance of the roughness tester is done, can the accuracy of measurement be guaranteed.