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Matching Probe For Handheld Magnetic Particle Detector
Jun 12, 2018

Handheld Magnetic Particle Detector

Matching Probe for Handheld Magnetic Particle Detector

Matching probe

Magnetic particle flaw detector can be equipped with A, D, E, O four types of probes. The

Magnetic particle detector probe (4) 1, horseshoe probe (A type): It can detect all kinds of fillet welds, internal and external angles of large workpieces;

2. Electromagnetic yoke probe (D type): It is equipped with a live joint, which can be used to detect flaws on curved surfaces and flat workpieces.

3, rotating magnetic field probe (E type): It can be a variety of welds, a variety of geometric shapes of the curved surface, plane, pipes, boilers, spherical tanks and other pressure vessels for a one-time comprehensive detection, can check the surface of the workpiece in all directions Defects and scars;

4, magnetic ring coil (O-type): It can meet all the workpiece can be placed in the crack detection of the circumferential cracks, use it to detect the workpiece's fatigue marks (fat marks are perpendicular to the axial) is extremely convenient, use it also The workpiece can be demagnetized away from the method.