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Portable Hardness Tester
Oct 23, 2018

Portable hardness tester

Let's take a look at the following small series, the measurement method of portable hardness tester

☼Press the release button on the top of the impact device to test. At this time, the sample, the impact device, and the operator are required to be stable, and the direction of the force should pass through the axis of the impact device.

Five measurements are typically taken at each measurement site of the helium sample. Data dispersion should not exceed ±15 HL of the average.

距离 The distance between any two indentations or the distance from the center of any indentation to the edge of the specimen shall comply with Table 6.

☼ For a specific material, in order to accurately convert the value of the hardness of the Richter to other hardness values, it is necessary to compare the test to the corresponding conversion relationship. The method is: the test is carried out on the same sample by using a qualified Leeb hardness tester and a corresponding hardness tester. For each hardness value, five points of hardness were measured uniformly around three or more hardness indentations to be converted, and the hardness average curve and the corresponding hardness average value were respectively used as corresponding values to make a hardness comparison curve. The curve should include at least three sets of corresponding data.