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Portable Hardness Tester Price
Nov 02, 2018

Portable hardness tester price

What is a portable hardness tester?

There are two types of portable hardness testers: 1. Benchtop hardness tester 2. Portable hardness tester

The benchtop hardness tester is mainly used in the laboratory and has a high precision.

The portable hardness tester is easy to carry for use in installed mechanical or permanent assembly parts.

The portable hardness tester integrates portable hardness testers such as Richter, Brinell and Rockwell, and can realize free conversion of 7 different hardness values. It removes the need for manual hardness test for the hardness tester. Intelligent and portable features.

The above small series briefly introduces the portable hardness tester. Below is a small series on the portable hardness tester to talk about the price.

Then let us take the product of Kaida as an example to talk about the price of portable hardness tester.

Kaida portable hardness tester manufacturers have developed three hardness testers. They are: portable hardness tester (with printing) NDT290, portable hardness tester (color screen with printing) NDT290+, portable hardness tester (metal shell) NDT280.

Then some buyers will ask, what is the difference between these three hardness testers: different types of hardness testers, technical parameters and measuring workpiece range are different, so the price is different,