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Portable Surface Roughness Tester Application
Apr 03, 2018

Portable Surface Roughness Tester Application

Portable Surface Roughness Tester Application include: 

1.mechanical processing manufacturing: Portable Surface Roughness Tester mainly is metal processing and manufacturing. Portable Surface Roughness Tester was originally produced to detect surface roughness of machined parts. In particular, stylus type roughness measuring instruments are more suitable for the detection of relatively hard metal surfaces. e.g: auto parts processing and manufacturing, mechanical parts processing and manufacturing. These machining and manufacturing industries are indispensable for the inspection of roughness gauges as long as they involve the surface quality of the workpiece. 

2.non-metal processing and manufacturing: with the advancement and development of science and technology, more and more new materials applied to the processing technology, such as ceramics, plastics, polyethylene, etc., some of the existing bearings are made of special ceramic materials processing , as well as pump valves, etc. are made of polyethylene materials. These materials are hard , and some applications can replace metal materials to make workpieces, and their surface roughness needs to be measured during production and processing. 

3. with the continuous enhancement and improvement of the roughness meter's technology and functions, as well as its in-depth promotion and application, more and more industries have been found to require the detection of roughness, in addition to mechanical processing and manufacturing, electricity, communications, electronics, , such as the coupling on the switch, integrated circuit semiconductors and other production processes also need to assess the roughness, and even people's lives in the use of stationery, cutlery, human teeth surface must be used to test the surface roughness.