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Precautions For The Use Of Coating Thickness Gauge
Sep 27, 2018

Precautions for the use of coating thickness gauge

Let's talk about the following small series, the precautions for the use of the coating thickness gauge

1. The measurement in the convex and concave will have an influence on the measured value. When the convex surface is large, the measured value is too small, and the measured value is small when the concave surface is small;

2. When the thickness of the substrate is less than the critical thickness, the measured value will be too large;

3. When measuring the carbon content of the hard steel or the heat-treated steel coating, the measured value will be too large;

4. When measuring the cylinder or round edge, be sure to use the V-port of the instrument to measure the mouth;

5. When measuring on a rough surface, the reading will be too large. It is necessary to measure the uniform value multiple times;

6. Try to ensure that the measuring point and the two supporting points are on a uniform plane.