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Roughness Measuring Instrument Price
Nov 01, 2018

Roughness measuring instrument price

So first what is the roughness meter

Literal understanding: an instrument that measures the roughness on a workpiece

What is surface roughness?

In mechanics, roughness refers to the micro-geometry properties of the smaller pitches and peaks and valleys on the machined surface. It is one of the problems of interchangeability research.

So how is the surface roughness formed?

Surface roughness is generally formed by the processing methods employed and other factors, such as friction between the tool and the surface of the part during processing, plastic deformation of the surface layer metal during chip separation, and high frequency vibration in the process system. Due to the difference between the processing method and the material of the workpiece, the surface to be processed leaves a mark with a difference in depth, density, shape and texture. Surface roughness is closely related to the mechanical properties, wear resistance, fatigue strength, contact stiffness, vibration and noise of mechanical parts, and has an important impact on the service life and reliability of mechanical products.

Second, let's talk about the roughness measuring instrument price.

Roughness measuring instruments are classified into many types, and each type has a different type. Different types of portable roughness meter measurement parameters and measurement of the workpiece are different, so the price of different portable roughness meters is also different. Xiaobian takes Beijing Kaida's products to illustrate:

Type of roughness meter: roughness measuring instrument, surface roughness measuring instrument, pocket roughness measuring instrument, pocket surface roughness measuring instrument, portable roughness measuring instrument, hand-held roughness measuring instrument

The reference price of the above products is: 4500-9800 yuan