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Selection Of Roughness Tester
Nov 21, 2018

Selection of roughness tester

The selection of the surface roughness meter is very important. In the past, some customers were unable to use the wrong model, so how can we avoid this?

First of all, we must make the following points before purchasing the surface roughness meter:

     1: The customer should specify his actual measurement needs, such as the shape and size of the workpiece to be measured;

     2: Whether the material is metal or non-metal, what is the hardness;

     3: Whether the workpiece is a precision machined part or a shot blasting part;

     4: Whether the back measuring surface is flat or has the measurement requirements of the inner hole and the groove or the curved surface;

     5: Do you need to print the measurement results, whether you want to pick up the computer to see the graphics;

     6: Also figure out whether it is a roughness meter or a roughness profiler;

Then communicate with the relevant sales staff to determine the model and configuration of the required surface roughness meter.