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Surface Roughness Tester Working Principle?
Jan 08, 2018

Surface Roughness Tester working principle?

Surface roughness tester in the measurement of workpiece surface roughness, the first sensor placed on the workpiece surface to be measured, and then start the instrument for measurement, driven by the instrument within the precision drive mechanism along the measured surface to do constant speed linear taxiway, the sensor Through the built-in sharp stylus to feel the roughness of the surface to be measured, the roughness of the surface of the workpiece to be measured at this time will cause the stylus to be displaced. This displacement causes the inductance of the sensor inductor to change, The end produces an analog signal proportional to the measured surface roughness, the signal after amplification and level conversion into the data acquisition system, the DSP chip digital filtering and parameter calculation of the collected data, the measurement results are given on the display, and also Can be output on the printer, but also with the PC to communicate.

The above is the surface roughness Tester working principle, you need to know the technical parameters of the surface roughness instrument, please contact KairDa.