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The Inspection And Calibaration For Handheld Magnetic Flaw Detector
May 30, 2018

 Handheld Magnetic Flaw Detector

method of checking

1 Appearance inspection: make sure have all the accessories, the appearance must not have a hard bump and deform, all fasteners must not be loose and fall off.

2 The voltage range of the power supply checking. Connect the voltmeter and the voltage regulator between the power supply and the flaw detector. Adjust the voltage regulator so that the indicator value of the voltmeter fluctuates within ±10% of the rated voltage (220V). Check if the instrument  work normally.

3 Lifting force checking: Make the instrument and the test block in good contact, press the switch key, and test the lifting force.

4 Sensitivity check: Choose black magnetic powder paste and make it into magnetic suspension according to instruction. Select the A-30/100 magnetic particle detection sensitivity test piece, stick it to the test block according to the standard requirements, apply magnetic suspension while energizing, and inspect the magnetic trace of the test piece.

5 The insulation resistance of the low voltage circuit shall be measured with 500V Megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance of the control cable box head to the shell.