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Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Features
Sep 17, 2018

Ultrasonic flaw detection features

The following small series to talk about the features of the ultrasonic flaw detector

 Measurement display mode: A type display mode, B type display mode;

 With linear suppression, it is suppressed to 80% of the screen height;

 It can switch between straight probe, oblique probe, double probe and transmission four kinds of flaw detection working modes;

 With gate setting and alarm function. The position and width of the gate can be arbitrarily set on the screen, and the wave alarm and the wave loss alarm can be separately set;

 With 500 independent flaw detection channels, each channel is individually set with a set of flaw detection parameters and DAC curves.

 Two input modes with angle and K value;

 DAC curve is automatically generated, which can record 30 points, three additional adjustable offset curves and surface compensation functions;

 DAC segmentation production, 6dBDAC function;

 AVG curve is automatically generated, and three types of defects can be customized;

 probe automatic calibration function;

 With storage function, it can store 1000 A-scan patterns, parameters and DAC curves;

 having a playback function of storing graphics, taking out the stored A-scan graphics from the storage area and displaying them on the screen;

With the delete function, the specified content (represented by the storage group number) is deleted from the storage area;

 Support both English and Chinese;

 Two measurement units: mm/inch;

 has a real-time clock function;

 has a peak memory function;

B scan function;

 Unlimited recording function during flaw detection;

 Freeze and thaw function with waveform and flaw detection parameters;

 Lock/unlock function with system parameters;

 With sound path measurement and echo frequency analysis function;

 has real-time power status indication function;

 Support USB communication interface;

 It can communicate with PC, and can upload measurement data and system setting parameters to PC for further processing (such as generating flaw detection report, printing, etc.);

 PC function can be upgraded by using PC communication software;

 Lithium battery, low power consumption, working for ten hours.

 The buzzer sound can be set during the operation;

 Light and small, easy to operate.