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Which Is The Quality Of The Roughness Meter?
Nov 09, 2018

Which is the quality of the roughness meter?

First of all, what is a roughness meter? A roughness meter is an instrument for measuring the surface roughness of a workpiece.

It is applied to the machining manufacturing industry (mainly metal processing and manufacturing), non-metal processing manufacturing, and the technology and function of the roughness meter are continuously strengthened and improved, as well as in-depth promotion and application.

Then we return to the topic, which is the quality of the roughness meter?

There are many manufacturers and distributors selling roughness meters on the market, and the price and quality are also uneven. Xiaobian studied that 80% of the roughness meters sold in the market are from Beijing Kaida Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Kaida is a manufacturer of non-destructive measuring instruments. Its main products are: roughness meter, portable hardness tester, coating thickness gauge, ultrasonic thickness gauge and ultrasonic flaw detector. The hottest thing to sell is the roughness meter. The price of the product is relatively good and the quality is excellent and the product is guaranteed for two years.