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Rpk Surface Roughness Gauge

Rpk Surface Roughness Gauge

Surface Roughness Gauge Measuring Range Ra: 0.005~16.000μm Rz: 0.02~160.00μm Data Storage 100 groups Relative Humidity <90% Working Temperature -20°C~40°C

Rpk Surface Roughness Gauge is suitable for production site, it can measure Rpk, Ra, Rz... 20 roughness parameters. measures variety of surface roughness of machined parts, according to the measurement conditions and the corresponding parameters of selected, shows clearly the measurement results and graphics in liquid crystal screen , and can output on a printer, can also communication with PC.It is especially suitable for field inspection of large workpieces and production lines, as well as outside verification of inspection, measurement and commodity inspection departments.

1. The roughness measuring head uses high precision inductance sensor, and the measurement value is stable and accurate

2. The curved surface sensor can be selected to measure the roughness of concave and convex surfaces, and the inner hole roughness can be measured by the small hole sensor.


Surface Roughness tester photos


Surface Roughness tester feature

  • Large range, 20 parameters

  • The calibrated sample is made of optical glass substrate with high precision, no scratch and long service life

  • 128 x 64 OLED dot matrix display, digital/graphic display, highlight no Angle

  • DSP chip for control and data processing, fast speed, low power consumption

  • Electromechanical integrated design, small volume, light weight, easy to use

  • It has the function of indicating the position of the sensor stylus

  • It is compatible with ISO, DIN, ANSI, JIS and other national standards of the United States, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom

  • Display information rich, intuitive, can display all parameters and graphics

  • Built-in lithium ion charging battery and charging control circuit, high capacity, no memory effect

  • There is a residual power indicator icon, prompting the user to charge in time

  • The charging process indicator can be displayed and the operator can know the charging degree at any time

  • Working continuously for more than 20 hours

  • Large capacity data storage, can store 100 sets of raw data and waveforms

  • Special printer can be connected to print measurement results on site

  • Real-time clock setting and display, convenient data recording and storage

  • With automatic sleep, automatic power off and other energy-saving functions

  • Reliable anti-motor circuit and software design, high stability

  • Display the measurement information, menu prompt information, error information and switch information

  • Chinese/English language choices

  • Optional surface sensor, hole sensor, groove sensor, measuring platform, sensor sheath, long rod and other accessories


Standard Delivery

√ KR220 Host


√ Standard Sensor KS100


√ Standard Calibration Block


√ Bracket for Calibration Block


√ Adjustable Support


√ Power Charger


√ USB Cable


√ PC Software


√ User manual


√ Instrument case


√ Warranty

2 Years

Package & Shippment   

Packaging : Standard carton box package

Delivery Time : within 2- 3 working days after payment receiveded

Shippment : 1. Door to door (DHL / TNT / UPS / FEDEX / EMS…)

                      2. By air

                      3. By sea 

Company Information


KairDa Group Corporation was established in Dec. 2010, specialized in research & development, production and sales of NDT instrument, which is a professional manufacturer enjoys long reputation, main self developed products include Surface Roughness Tester,Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge,Coating Thickness Gauge,Portable Hardness Tester,Ultrasonic Flaw Detector.


Other products are digital surface profile gauge, bench hardness tester, ultrasonic flow meter,Vibration Meter, Infrared Thermometer, Concrete Testing Gauge, Colorimeter and Gloss Meter.


Kairda products are widely used in the filed of robots industry,shipbuilding industry, boiler and pressure vessel, chemical industry, thermal power plant, automobile forging, aerospace, machine tool industry, food industry, scientific institution, academic schools, survey & civil engineering, etc.


As professional NDT testing manufacturer, KairDa  provide best service, any product quality problem within 3 months, we will replace a new one for free, our own products with warranty up to two years and life-long maintenance.


We look forward to your cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win!


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