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Car Paint Inspection Thickness Tester

Car Paint Inspection Thickness Tester

·Model:Coating Thickness Gauge KCT300
·Measuring Range:3.0~300.0mm
·Provenance:Made in China
·Delivery Time:1-3 days
·Main unit Size:115x67x31mm
·Total weight:1.2kg
·Packing Size:280x220x70mm

Car Paint Inspection Thickness Tester is a portable measuring instrument that can measure coating thickness quickly without damage. It can be used in both laboratories and engineering sites. The instrument can be widely used in the fields of electroplating, anti-corrosion, aerospace, chemical, automobile, shipbuilding, commodity inspection, etc.. In the automotive industry, it can be used for the car paint coating inspection.

Car Paint Inspection Thickness Tester Recommended choice KCT300


1. It adopts magnetic and eddy current thickness measurement methods and can measure the thickness of the non-magnetic coating layer on the magnetic metal substrate, and the thickness of the non-conductive coating layer on the non-metal magnetic metal substrate.

2. A variety of probes can be used (F1, F10, N1, N10)

3. With two measurement methods: continuous measurement and single measurement

4. There are two ways of working: direct mode and group mode

5. There are erroneous statistics: average, maximum, minimum, number of tests, standard deviation.

6. The instrument can be calibrated by single point calibration and two point calibration, and the system error of the probe can be corrected by basic calibration.

7. With storage function: can store 500 measured values.

8. With delete function: delete single suspicious data appearing in the measurement, or delete all data in the storage area for new measurement.

9. The limit can be set: the automatic measurement is performed on the measured value outside the limit.

10. With voltage undervoltage indication function.

11. There is a beeping prompt during operation.

12. With error prompt function, an error message is displayed by on-screen display or buzzer.

13. There are two ways to shut down: manual shutdown mode and automatic shutdown mode.

Technical Specification

Testing Parameters

20 roughenss parameters


Measuring Range

Ra: 0.005~16.000μm

Rz: 0.02~160.00μm

Sample Length

0.25, 0.80, 2.50mm

Evaluation Length


Maximum Drive Stroke


Indication Accuracy


Indication Error




Data Storage

100 groups


Rechargeable Li-battery

Relative Humidity


Working Temperature




Weight of Host


Standard Delivery

√  Tester                                              1

√  F1 or N1 Probe Optional                 1

√  Standard Calibration Piece             1

√  Fe or NFe Substrate                       1

√  User Manual                                   1

√  block bracket                                  1

√  Instrument Case                             1


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