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Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

·Model:Coating Thickness Gauge KCT300
·Measuring Range:0~1250um
·Provenance:Made in China
·Delivery Time:1-3 days
·Main unit Size:115x67x31mm
·Total weight:1.2kg
·Packing Size:280x220x70mm

Digital Coating Thickness Gauge adopts single-chip technology, with high precision, high brightness screen, digital display, stable indication, sensitive response, low power consumption, simple and convenient operation, no calibration knob, single probe full scale measurement, small size and light weight. The instrument can be widely used in the fields of manufacturing, metal processing, chemical industry, commodity inspection and other testing. It can be used in both laboratories and engineering sites.

● Split design, easy to operate

● Metal body, anti-magnetic anti-magnetic interference

● OLED Digital Display

● High-precision, big screen

KCT300 Digital Coating Thickness Gauge is capable to measure thickness of non-magnetic coating layers  (aluminum, chrome, copper, enamel, paint) covered on magnetic substrate (steel, alloy and magnetic stainless steel), also can measure thickness of non-conductive coatings layers (enamel, rubber, paint, plastic) covered on conductive substrate (aluminum, brass, zinc and nonmagnetic stainless steel);

Recommended choice KCT300


● Various probes optional, probe auto matching;

● Durable ruby probe, more wear and precise;

● Full metal shell design, sturdy, portable, high reliability;

● Alarm function when overrun the settable limiting range;

● Five statistics values [MEAN, MAX, MIN, NO., S.DEV] higher measurement accuracy;

● Large storage, easy to delete single or multiple saved values;

● PC software optional, convenient the data transmission, analysis, printing etc.

Technical Specification

Measuring Range

Standard 0~1250μm  (MAX 10000μm with probe F10)



Working Principle

Magnetic & Eddy


FE / NFe base, depends on probes


±2%H+1μm  Note: H is thickness reading


128x64 LCD with backlight


5 files x 99 values

Unit Switch

Metric (μm) Imperial (mil)

Working Temperature

Operation Temp. :-10°C~50°C  Storage Temp. :-30°C-70°C


AA battery 2pcs  (Non-aviation transport)





Standard Delivery

√   KCT300 Host                            1

√   F1 or N1 Probe Optional           1

√   Standard Calibration Piece       1

√   Fe or NFe Substrate                 1

√  User Manual                              1

√   block bracket                            1

√   Instrument Case                       1


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