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Paint Coating Thickness Gauge

Paint Coating Thickness Gauge

·Model:Coating Thickness Gauge KCT300
·Measuring Range:3.0~300.0mm
·Provenance:Made in China
·Delivery Time:1-3 days
·Main unit Size:115x67x31mm
·Total weight:1.2kg
·Packing Size:280x220x70mm

Paint Coating Thickness Gauge is a portable coating thickness gauge that provides fast, flawless, and precise  thickness measurements of coatings (such as paints, anti-corrosion layer), plating and film. 

● Widely used for car paint inspection

● Metal body, anti-magnetic anti-magnetic interference

● High-precision, large screen

Paint Coating Thickness Gauge Recommended choice KCT300


● Various probes optional, probe auto matching.

● Durable ruby probe, more wear and precise.

● Alarm function when overrun the settable limiting range.

● PC software optional, convenient the data transmission, analysis, printing etc.

● The measurement data can be read at any measurement position, and the menu function selection method is very convenient.

● The upper and lower limits can be set. When the measurement result is greater than or equal to the upper and lower limits, the instrument will give a corresponding sound or flashing light.

● Extremely stable and long-term use without calibration.

● Can delete single or multiple data

● By selecting the corresponding probe, the thickness of the non-magnetic coating on the magnetic metal substrate and the thickness of the non-conductive coating on the non-magnetic metal substrate can be measured

Technical Specification

Testing Parameters

20 roughenss parameters


Measuring Range

Ra: 0.005~16.000μm

Rz: 0.02~160.00μm

Sample Length

0.25, 0.80, 2.50mm

Evaluation Length


Maximum Drive Stroke


Indication Accuracy


Indication Error




Data Storage

100 groups


Rechargeable Li-battery

Relative Humidity


Working Temperature




Weight of Host


Magnetic method (F-type probe): When the probe is in contact with the cover layer, the probe and the magnetic metal substrate form a closed magnetic circuit. Due to the presence of the non-magnetic cover layer, the magnetic resistance of the magnetic circuit changes, and the change can be measured by measuring Export the thickness of the overlay.

Eddy current method (N-type probe): The high-frequency alternating current is used to generate an electromagnetic field in the coil. When the probe is in contact with the cover layer, an eddy current is generated on the metal substrate, and a feedback effect is generated on the coil in the probe. Measuring the magnitude of the feedback action can lead to the thickness of the overlay.

Standard Delivery

√  Tester                                              1

√  F1 or N1 Probe Optional                 1

√  Standard Calibration Piece             1

√  Fe or NFe Substrate                       1

√  User Manual                                   1

√  block bracket                                  1

√  Instrument Case                             1


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