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Ultrasonic Paint Film Thickness Gauge

Ultrasonic Paint Film Thickness Gauge

·Model:Coating Thickness Gauge KCT300
·Measuring Range:3.0~300.0mm
·Provenance:Made in China
·Delivery Time:1-3 days
·Main unit Size:115x67x31mm
·Total weight:1.2kg
·Packing Size:280x220x70mm

Ultrasonic Paint Film Thickness Gauge adopts single-chip technology, with high precision, digital display, stable display value, low power consumption, simple and convenient operation, touch button, single probe full scale measurement, small size, and light weight. It has storage, readout, statistics, low voltage indication, and system calibration, and its performance has reached the advanced level of contemporary instruments of the same kind.

Ultrasonic Paint Film Thickness Gauge Recommended choice KCT300

Technical Specification

Testing Parameters

20 roughenss parameters


Measuring Range

Ra: 0.005~16.000μm

Rz: 0.02~160.00μm

Sample Length

0.25, 0.80, 2.50mm

Evaluation Length


Maximum Drive Stroke


Indication Accuracy


Indication Error




Data Storage

100 groups


Rechargeable Li-battery

Relative Humidity


Working Temperature




Weight of Host


Application range:

The coating thickness gauge instrument adopts magnetic thickness measurement method, which can conveniently and non-destructively measure the thickness of non-magnetic coating on ferromagnetic materials, such as zinc, copper, chromium and other coatings on the surface of steel or paint, enamel, glass steel, spray, asphalt coating. The instrument is widely used in machinery, automotive, shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, electroplating, spray, enamel, plastic and other industries.

Working principle :

The coating thickness gauge measures the thickness of the coating by electromagnetic induction. The probe on the surface of the component creates a closed magnetic circuit that changes to varying degrees as the distance between the probe and the ferromagnetic material changes, causing changes in magnetoresistance and probe coil inductance. Using this principle, the distance between the probe and the ferromagnetic material, which is the thickness of the coating, can be measured.

The main function:

(1). Measurement: Single probe full scale thickness measurement

(2). Storage, deletion: 600 measurement data can be stored, and the single suspicious data in the measurement can be deleted, and all the data in the storage area can also be deleted.

(3). Read: Read the stored measurement data

(4). Statistics: There are three statistics, the average value is small

(5). Calibration: System calibration is available

(6). Power: With undervoltage display function

(7).Print: Printable measurement values, optional micro printer

(8). Shutdown: There are two methods of automatic shutdown and manual shutdown.

Standard Delivery

√  Tester                                              1

√  F1 or N1 Probe Optional                 1

√  Standard Calibration Piece             1

√  Fe or NFe Substrate                       1

√  User Manual                                   1

√  block bracket                                  1

√  Instrument Case                             1


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